Application period

The application period is from 1st February to march 31.

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Why join Green Key?

At least six advantages in joining Green Key :

• Economic benefit: you reduce your operating costs

• Environmental benefit: your facility contributes to preserving resources and the environment

• Business benefit: you are recognized by the primary national and international label for responsible tourist accommodations

• Marketing benefit: you set yourself apart from your competition for green customers

• Educational benefit: your customers and partners are environmentally conscious and adopt good practices

• Social benefits: You participate in the promotion of local culture and the involvement of the local population

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Register online

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection and its partners announced the opening of the 2015 nominations for the Green Key label. This year, in its approach to accompany labeling, the Foundation has launched the online application in the website’s professional area.

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Green Key implementation manual

- Green Key criteria implementation manual

Criteria grid

Contrat d’engagement 

- Criteria grid for Hotel

- Criteria grid for small structures

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National Jury of Green Key

The decision to grant the Green Key label is taken as part of an independent national jury composed of experts linked to tourism activity. The jury consists of: and Handicrafts

• Ministry of Tourism

• Moroccan National Tourist Office

• National Hotel Industry Federation

• National Office of Electricity  and  Potable Water

• Agency for the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

• Minister of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment

• General Directorate of Local Communities


The Green Key is awarded according to a predefined process

• Voluntary: Label membership initiated at the applicant’s request;

• Annual: annual membership renewal;

• Progressive: Regular upgrading of membership criteria

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